Why Alarms for Anyone?

Truly an Alarm System for Anyone

Why Alarms for Anyone?

Exceptional flexibility, cost-saving and state-of-the-art technology from Alarms for Anyone Security Systems.


  • No Contract. No 5 year contract tying one down to a legal obligation.
  • Up to 65% savings on monthly monitoring ($9.99 – $22.99). Most companies charge $40 – $65 per month for monitoring. With Alarms for Anyone the equipment is purchased at wholesale price minimizing the risk which results in much lower rates. Our "interactive gold" rate includes monitoring for cameras, door locks, 2 way interaction, and a smart phone app.
  • You own your own BRAND-NAME system at wholesale prices (no leasing). Total ownership with state-of-the-art Interlogix or Honeywell brand equipment.
  • No Activation Fee. Most companies charge activation fee of $100 – $200. We are committed to the lowest possible costs.
  • No Installation Fee. Companies charge from $100 to $500 for installation
  • No Credit Check. No worries about credit scores.
  • Any system you want. You can completely customize your alarm system. Add sensors and z-wave compatible devices at any time.
  • Do-It-Yourself easy installation. The panel just needs to be mounted with 3 screws and plugged in. (Optional desk mount panel available.) The sensors can be installed in minutes. Videos are provided with simple installation instructions.
  • Pre-programmed. We ship your customized alarm system pre-programmed and ready to activate. Open the box and set it up. When the system arrives, it is ready to plug in and activate.

High Value Extras

  • Included - Doorbell Camera with 2-way voice
    • - Motion activated notification when person is at door.
    • - Two-way voice interaction with visitor.
    • - Night vision detection in dark.
  • Optional easy installation Indoor/Outdoor night vision Camera with 2-way voice
  • Optional Push-Button Door Lock. With the touch of a button, you can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere.
  • Lock and unlock door from your device. Up to 32 available codes. Duress code can be easily programmed into the door lock. No need for keys.
  • Sends message when someone enters the code on the door lock.
  • View live video from easy installation with Night Vision Camera any time.
    • - Motion activated recording.
    • - Two way voice interaction.
  • Smart Phone Control App. You can monitor and control your system on your smart phone, tablet, or apple watch or computer.

Why Alarm for Anyone Beats the Competition

Save Over Twice the Cost

Pay 2x Price

FREE Activation
Activation $100
FREE Installation
Installation $100
NO Contract…Ever
3 to 5 year contract required
NO Credit Check
Qualification for Credit Required
Own Your Own Equipment ($550)
Locked in Rental Equipment for Years
Monthly Monitoring (5 years) $1500
Monthly Monitoring (5 years) $3300
Monthly Monitoring (9 years) $2700
Monthly Monitoring (9 years) $5940
Total Savings over 5 Years $1450
Total Cost for 5 years $3500
Total Savings over 9 years $2890
Total Cost for 9 years $6140

Alarms for Anyone


No Contracts
3-5 Year Contracts
No Installation Fees
$100 Installation
No Activation
$100 Activation
Monitoring between $10-$24/Month
Monitoring between $50-$60/Month
Average Annual Savings $456
Higher Cost Every Month


How can AFA offer such great prices?

Simple. We make a little profit from the equipment and only retain a few dollars of the monthly monitoring fee instead of doubling your monthly monitoring fee like most competitors. We are more interested in providing affordable protection to your family than making big profits.